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How To Cancel A Priceless Reservation With Insurance

Planning a long trip requires more extensive preparations than a short vacation. During extended periods of time away, travelers often have their mail forwarded to ensure receipt of important documents and bills and to prevent an excessive backlog of correspondence. Arranged through the United States Postal Service (USPS) after submitting a temporary change of address order, mail forwarding redirects posted items to a different address for a specified length of time. If something comes up and unexpectedly cuts a trip short, have mail forwarding canceled and directed back to the primary, original mailing address.
Visit the official website of the USPS to access the Change of Address form. From the USPS homepage, pull down the “Receiving Mail” menu under the “Products and Services” category. Within the menu, click on “Change Your Address.” Wait until navigated to the “Official Change of Address Form.”
Scroll down and locate the bar near the bottom of the page that reads, “Need to view, update or cancel a Change of Address order you already submitted?” Click the link to be navigated to the “View, Update or Cancel” section of the form.
Enter the Zip code of the forwarding address and confirmation code that was issued when the mail-forwarding request was made. Locate the codes from a request made online in the confirmation email. Locate the code from a paper form submitted personally to a post office on the confirmation document mailed to the forwarding address. Click the “Submit” button.
Choose to cancel the change of address order. Print the confirmation information for the cancellation to have on record.

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Free Weekend activities on Long Island in New York

Long Island is home to free museums, parks, wine tastings, shows and festivals all year. Whether you are single or seeking to entertain an entire family, a plethora of free weekend activities on Long Island, New York, mean that you can find fun while respecting any budget. From baseball fields to complimentary museum admission, you’ll discover that relaxing and having fun does not mean spending a lot of money on extravagant restaurants, shows or country clubs on Long Island.
The African American Museum of Nassau County
The African American Museum of Nassau County is open on the weekends. Admission is free, and both permanent and temporary displays are on hand. It was originally called the Black History Exhibit Center when it opened in 1970; to date, it’s still the only African American museum on Long Island. The cultural contributions that African Americans have made to Long Island and the country at large are explained through the museum’s displays. The on-site African Atlantic Genealogy Society also helps people trace their genealogy and history. The African American Museum of Nassau County 110 North Franklin Street Hempstead, NY 11550 516- 572-0730 aamoflongisland.org
Christopher Morley Park
Christopher Morley Park on Long Island is rich in weekend activities for every member of the family. Most areas of the park are free, but visitors will find some fee areas as well, such as tennis courts and picnic areas. The Christopher Morley Park playground has a makeshift sort of climbing wall. Horseshoes and shuffleboard courts abound. Thirty acres of walking trails abound in the park. Volleyball courts, basketball courts and tennis courts serve park goers. Three baseball fields are easily accessible. Visitors flock to the golf course and a fitness trail. Christopher Morley Park Searingtown Road, north of Long Island Expressway Roslyn Heights, New York 11577 516-571-8113‎ nassaucountyny.gov
Grucci Fireworks
At various places on Long Island, visitors enjoy Grucci weekend fireworks shows throughout the year. On some Saturdays and Sundays, the shows light up the sky after the Long Island Ducks games. Visitors must pay to see the Ducks play, but the fireworks show itself is free. The Grucci website gives a monthly updated schedule of shows, so that guests can easily plan free weekend fireworks shows. Fireworks by Grucci 1 Grucci Lane Brookhaven, NY 11719-9423 631-286-0088 grucci.com

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How To Stop Mail Delivery For Vacation

Going on a vacation requires more than just making transportation and accommodation reservations or packing for the upcoming trip. The last thing you need to worry about during your time off is whether your mail is safe or not. Putting your mail on hold with the United States Postal Service ensures all of the mail addressed to you is securely held at your local post office until you have returned. You can put a hold on your mail either online or in person.
Online Mail Hold Request
Notify the post office to hold your mail using the USPS website (see Resources). Enter your zip code in the box provided to see if your area offers this online service.
Fill in the required details as directed. The information needed includes your name, address, date to stop mail delivery and date to resume delivery. Click on the “Continue” button.
Verify your address. Select “Edit Information” to change the details provided or “Continue” to move on to the next step.
Choose the “Begin Date” and then a “Resume Date” using the drop-down arrow. Pick either “Post Office delivers accumulated mail” or “I will pick up accumulated mail.” This means you can have all of your held mail delivered on the date you decide to resume or you can go to the post office to pick it up.
Add any special instructions or details you want to make the post office aware of in the box provided and click “Continue.” Check to make sure all of the details are correct.
Select “No” to make changes or “Yes” to finish the mail hold request. Make note of the confirmation number provided to ensure the process is complete and to allow you to make changes to the order if needed.
In-Person Mail Hold Requests
Go to your local post office to place your mail on a vacation hold. Ask the mail clerk for a PS Form 8076 or simply explain to them that you need to place a hold on your mail.
Fill in the required information on the form. Submit the form to the mail clerk to stop your mail delivery during your vacation.
Contact your local mail carrier before you leave to be sure he has received the hold order. You can also request the mail hold form from your mail carrier and return it to them, instead of going to the post office.

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How To Stop USPS Mail For Vacation

A mailbox filled to overflowing with catalogs, bills and letters is a telltale sign that you are out of town and no one’s checking on your home for you while you’re away. If you’re leaving town and you won’t have a house sitter bringing your mail in for you, you can have the U.S. Postal Service hold your mail while you are away, then you can get all of your missed mail at once when you come back to town. The Postal Service will hold your mail for any trips lasting between three and 30 days.
Visit the USPS.com website as early as 30 days before your trip, or as last-minute as 3 a.m. EST the morning before you leave, and click on the “Hold Mail” link under the “Manage Your Mail” menu heading.
Enter your address in the provided fields and click on the “Check Availability” button to see if online mail holding is available in your area.
Fill in the dates you would like your mail to be held and choose whether you want all of your held mail delivered to you when you return home or if you’d prefer to pick up your mail at your local post office when you return.
Hit the “Submit” button and write down the confirmation number you receive. Use this number if you need to make any changes to your mail hold, such as cutting it short or extending it.
In Person
Stop into your local post office branch during business hours and ask for a “Hold Mail” form.
Complete the form and either hand it to your letter carrier or mail it back to your local post office.
Call the Postal Service at 800-275-8777 and ask to schedule a vacation mail hold over the phone.

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How To Stop Mail For A Deceased Person

AARP has a great check list of things to do when someone dies. I am going to expand on the section about what to do with a deceased person’s mail.

With in days of the person’s death put a stop on the mail with the post office. Piles of mail on the porch will bring unwanted attention to the house if no one is there.

After the funeral, put in a change of address to the Post Office to redirect the mail to the executor of the estate.

To stop junk mail:

Use the deceased persons original address for this step. It will take a while for the junk mail to catch up to the change of address.

Fill out the DMA’s Deceased Do Not Contact Registration form.

acxiom is a huge data broker. Their opt-out page has a box you can check if you are opting-out a deceased person opt-out here.

Epsilon.com AKA Abacus is another huge data broker. They have a whole page about opting-out from them, but if you only want to opt-out a deceased person call them at (888) 780-3869 with the full name, address and date of death of the deceased, and they will remove the individual from their databases.

None of them will ask you for paperwork of any kind.

It is going to take 3 months for all that to take effect.

In the mean time open all the mail and look for pre-paid envelopes and send it back with note saying that the person is deceased.

This is what I did. You do not have to be as blunt as I was.

If you have a smartphone you can use the Paperkarma app. You can add the deceased person’s name along with everyone else that receives mail at your address. Or you can make a separate account for the deceased person with both their original address and the new address.

You can also write “Deceased” on the outer envelope of all un-opened junk mail. Then give it back to your postal worker.

After the estate is settled and is dissolved, and you are no longer receiving important legal mail for the estate, get 2 change of address packages from your post office. One is going to be for the deceased person’s original mailing address and the other is for the address the mail was changed to after they died.

Fill it out like normal but under “New Mailing Address” put Deceased.

DO NOT MAIL THIS IN! You are going to hand it into the local post office branch for each address. When you hand it in, have a copy of the proof that you have Power of Attorney, or are the Executor of the Estate, and a copy of the Death Certificate. This should stop all mail immediately.

I hope this quick guide makes this small part of dealing with the death of a loved one, a little easier to navigate.

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How To Opt Out Junk Mail From Policy Issues Institute

To opt-out from Policy Issues Institute contact James Lacy of Wewer & Lacy LLC james.lacy@wewerlacy.com and call (949)495-3314.

Update: It has been brought to my attention that in this post I do not use strong enough language about Policy Issues Institute. Do not send them money. They are not going to Impeach Obama. The only thing that will happen is that you will get 10+ letters from them every week. And your information will be sold to every mailing list in the US.

I feel like I have been chasing Floyd Brown and his “Band of Merry Men” all over the internet. Read about that here and here. Policy Issues Institute does not have a website. White House Watch (A project of Policy Issues Institute) had a website but it is now dead. Impeach Obama Campaign has a website but no contact info. Every project of Policy Issues Institute has a different PO Box. I need to find the physical address.

Their Mailing address is:
Law Offices Of Maureen E. Otis, PC
4850 Wright Rd Site 168

But their street address is:
Civic Center Plaza
30011 Ivy Glenn Drive
Suite 223
Laguna Niguel, California 92677

But how is this law office connected to Policy Issues Institute (PII)? There are 14 companies that are listed at this address:

Coalition For Literacy
California Conservative Coalition
California Political Review
California Grizzly Mountain Wines Inc.
The Legacy Committee
Values In Common
Nonpartisan Voter Information Institute
Western Center For Journalism
Policy Issues Institute
Policy Issues Institute Incorporated
Coalition For California
Tri County Taxpayers Association
California Term Limits
Escucha A California
They are all run by Floyd Brown, James Lacy and few friends. James Lacy is listed as the Registered Agent for Policy Issues Institute, and his email address is at the top of the Wewer & Lacy LLC website, so I sent a note to his work email. Now I am not so high and mighty as to think that a big fancy lawer with an office in ritzy Laguna Niguel would answer my email himself, he tossed it to a lackey in the office (probably some poor kid with a brand new law degree and a mountain of student loan debt) who wrote me a nice note saying that I would be off the mailing list that day. He then passed it on to someone at Policy Issues Institute who would delete me from their mailing list.

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